Well guys, I got a fish hook stuck in my eye.

Not even kidding. I went fly fishing with my boyfriend and his back cast landed right in my eye. So this was 2 weeks ago from tomorrow, so i’ve been trying to heal. My dad came up to Montana to take care of me and ended up flying me back home with him. So i’m back in illinois until the 10th. Basically the hook when straight through my eye, it surprisingly didnt hurt. I think I freaked out everyone in the ER when I was completely calm. I have stitches for the next FOUR months and my vision is very blurry. The good news is that it wasnt my eye that I photograph with. So yay me! But im struggling with computer screens so i’m not really online much. I’m mainly using my wordpress so if you want to see what i’m up to check that out. samanthakatzblog.wordpress.com Hoping to get a stitch or two out next week when I go in to see my doctor. Until then, i’ll be just fine :] Just wanted to let y’all know what was going on.

I just got this letter in the mail letting me know that I have made it as a finalist in the Photographers Forum Best of Photography 2013 contest! My photograph was selected out of over 10,000 entries from 75 countries and I will be published in this years book! Holy shit.

I’m designing the menus to a new restaurant in town!

Its for a Sushi/Hibachi place! I am so excited! Its two relatively large menus for being a sushi and hibachi restaurant. I just cant wait to finish them and make the client happy. Not to mention that the whole town is going to see my work! I mean, obviously my name isnt attached to it but knowing that its being seen by people is awesome in its own. :]

So i’m attempting to rebrand.

But i’m struggling. Anybody have any ideas on colors or even a typeface they would recommend for me? I’m a sports and fine art photographer if that helps. I’m so stressed out over this. I dont want to pay for someone to design my stuff since im capable of doing it myself and i’m into a minimalistic look that I know I can achieve.
Its just tough.

You would think that after finally having a summer break, i’d have more free time.


I work 40 hours a week now and have so much going on.
But on the plus side of this job I can afford new camera gear. I just ordered a new Polarized Filter and a Ring Flash! I’ll do a post about them when they get here Wednesday!

Well i’m off to work. I’ve been doing alot of research while im working so i’ll make a few posts on the stuff i’ve been reading and finding!

As always thanks for all your support guys! Have a great day!

Santa Barbara Palm Trees.

(Source: katzphotography)

(Source: katzphotography)

(Source: katzphotography)

Life Update.

With school ending for the summer just a week ago you’d think I’d have some more free-time…nope! Hahah! I immediately started a new job at Office Depot which is surprisingly really great! I’m getting training in lots of machines and printers. As well as types of marketing! Totally going to be beneficial and teach me lots!
Yesterday I spent 12 hours in Yellowstone National Park. I live pretty close to the park and this was the first time in almost 3 years that i’ve been able to go visit in the begining of the summer when the park opens the rest of the roads back up. AMAZING! I am going to be posting photos all night as I edit them! So be on the lookout for that!
Finally, i’m working on a wordpress. I want to have another blog where I can integrate all of my work and make it easier for feedback and what not! I’ll post that link for y’all as soon as thats up!

Also, p.s. I will be in L.A. on Thursday-Monday and I am beyond excited! Lots of great photo adventures to come from that!

As always, thanks for all y’alls support! It truly means the world to me! Hope you’re all having a great day!

Frozen Yellowstone Lake.

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You know I really value my education in photography. I know a lot of people will say you do not need to study photography to be good at it and put me down for getting a degree in Photography but from personal experience it does make an impact on what you do. Even if it is just a workshop. Learning from others is one of the greatest things you can do to further your technique, experience and photography eye. Some may think its worthless but let me tell you my photography has changed DRASTICALLY and because of that I have had actual photography jobs, publications, appeared in galleries and shows. Plus lots of photo jobs do require a degree in photo, so that helps too if thats what you want. But like I said, its not necessary at all. Studying photography will only improve you, and who doesn’t want to get better at what they do?

New video up on my youtube channel! Check it out!
All about cyanotypes!

Bittersweet moment to be cleaning my photo locker for the summer. Luckily I get to keep it but its a funny feeling when you pull stuff out you haven’t seen in months!

Late night matting! Can’t wait till this is over and I’m done with the semester! Photos of the series to come!

I never told y’all BUT, this image of mine was selected to be apart of a show! Matted, framed and ready to be shipped of to California for the next year to be apart of the Freestyle show!
Holgas in Love.
Gum over Cyanotype print.

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